TheVineYard.Online Gives the World of Timepieces an Online Boost

In a world of fast-paced tech advances, quintessential timepieces have somewhat lost their appeal to the smartwatch. However, TheVineYard.Online is an eCommerce store that sells proper old-school timepieces. We speak with Walid F., CEO at The Vine Yard, to share his thoughts how analog timepieces will continue to be a fashion statement for ages to come along with some hot tips for businesses looking to establish an eCommerce venture. Read on!

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What inspired you to start The Vine Yard? Tell us the story.

Walid .F
Walid F., CEO at The Vine Yard

I remember building a digital timepiece based on a flip-flop in the second year at my engineering college. I was always passionate about time and how it works and how we live in this chronological layer.

The Vine Yard indicates abundance and liberation in order to create a difference. And that’s why I chose to be an entrepreneur and start The Vine Yard.

With the advent of smartwatches and other forms of smart-wear, will quintessential timepieces still hold significance?

A significant change has occurred in the world of watchmaking. Previously, the value of a watch, apart from its design and the materials used, laid in how accurate the movement was.  If you’ve been searching for a way to express yourself through your appearance, wearing a wristwatch may be an excellent place to start. These little timepieces hold a rather special place among fashion accessories, especially for men.

It’s not just a cheap trinket that you wear for its appearance, nor is it an expensive piece of jewelry that’s only there to look good. Rather, a watch is a small device that tells you time, so it has a clearly outlined purpose, which gives it an air of seriousness and maturity. A suit and tie combination, for example, is almost impossible to imagine without a wristwatch, as it gives one the complete appearance of a business person.

As an eCommerce business, how important is social media in promoting The Vine Yard?

Social media came a long way from only connecting people to playing a deciding role in every business. People have moved online, and they are very social. Before, a business’ presence would be signified by a physical storefront and advertisements in the paper. But in a digital age, business reputations live and die by their social media standing.

Social networks can point shoppers towards a new product or a good deal. But not only that, social networks create a sense of community and engage people in a way to make purchases. In social e-commerce lies a huge opportunity for online business’. Social media has and will play a critical role in the evolution of online shopping.

Mobile commerce is spreading like wildfire. Purchasing via mobile apps is a regular occurrence, and that trend will keep growing in 2018. Some social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) implemented the option to purchase products directly through their mobile apps.

What are the trends you analyze in the fashion accessories space? Any old trends that will make a comeback?

As the competitive landscape of e-commerce grows, customization is expected to play a bigger role in 2018. Customization gives apparel businesses the chance to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering added value products to consumers and by gaining premium insights on what shoppers really desire.

Could you share 5 pro-tips with businesses that are looking to establish an eCommerce model?

E-commerce Tip #1: Commit to a schedule for consistency.

When starting a new e-commerce store, you’ll want to follow a consistent schedule so that your customers can know when to check back. As soon as you become inconsistent, you start to lose your customer loyalty.

E-commerce Tips #2: Make sure customers have access to relevant information.

When starting an e-commerce store, you’ll want to make sure your customers have access to everything they need to make an informed purchase. You’ll want to make sure to have a visible contact page so that customers can easily contact you should an issue or question arise.

E-commerce Tips #3: Make your website visually appealing.

Your entire website should be very visually appealing. Product pages should have multiple product images showcasing different angles and uses. Your homepage should have an attention-grabbing banner image that allows the customer to picture themselves with the product.

E-commerce Tips #4: Be on multiple social media platforms.

When it comes to social media, many stores make the mistake of only being on one platform. However, using a combination of platforms might be slightly more work but gives you a competitive advantage.

E-commerce Tips #5: Make marketing your primary focus.

Marketing and advertising bring in the money so don’t waste your time on perfecting your store. Actively post on social media. Don’t forget to also create a budget for advertising. Writing blog content regularly will help your website rank.

Why did you choose a .ONLINE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

At the start of 2014, the Internet changed forever. From this point, web addresses no longer had to end in .com, .net, .org or country-specific domains like Domain suffixes such as .online clearly state that such a website does business purely online. It can also help differentiate between physical businesses and virtual ones, as some users actively seek out the latter.

What are your future plans for The Vine Yard?

My long-term goal involves growing the company for building and designing mechanical watches. I want it to be the first watch manufacturing factory in the Arab region, and The Vine Yard is only the beginning of achieving this goal.


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