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The Events industry is growing by leaps and bounds. And with this sudden surge of growth, there comes an inevitable need for technology to take the driving wheel. Onvent.Online lets you participate at events, without the stress and cost of traveling and in a way that fits with your schedule.

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Bjørn Christian Nørbech, Managing Director at Onvent, talks about how early-stage businesses and individual professionals can effectively use Onvent to participate in events virtually.

What inspired you to start Onvent? Tell us the story.

Bjørn Christian Nørbech
Bjørn Christian Nørbech

There are many great conferences and fairs happening around the world that many would be interested in attending. However, only a few are able to attend these gatherings. We launched Onvent (short for online event) in 2017 as a portal for businesses to access stellar online events.

We had already been organizing online fairs and conferences since 2015 that witnessed participants from around the world, and needed an effective way to present online events, and enable participants to register for and access these events.

How can early-stage businesses, and individual professionals effectively use Onvent to participate in events? 

Online events are indeed an ideal way to reach your audience regardless of where they may be in the world. You can recreate the value of conferences and fairs online. As an event exhibitor, it is a great way to present your brand and projects and generate sales and other leads.

Could you share a few marketing hacks with businesses planning to create an online presence?

We see Onvent as a new addition to the social media landscape. As such, we have been focusing on the channels that are most relevant to our audiences, primarily LinkedIn and Facebook. But where and how to market yourself must start with a thorough analysis of your target audience.

What are your future plans for Onvent?

We believe online events will become mainstream over the next 5-10 years, and we aim to be a leading driver in that change by making online events fun, easy and effective for organizers, participants, and other stakeholders.

Why did you choose a .ONLINE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

Onvent is short for ‘online event’. We felt that the .Online domain name supports our brand identity by emphasizing the online nature of our business.


“Planning to take your business online? Get .ONLINE now!’

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